Phipps Cavazos takes on the big guys to protect your livelihood.

We’ve been working closely with farmers for years, so we know how important trust is. Our clients’ best interests are our best interests and we strive to get them the full extent of the compensation they deserve. We’ve put together a team of experienced attorneys who truly understand the agricultural industry. Allow us to introduce ourselves.


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Martin Phipps has an 18-year track record of success working for business and agricultural clients, and a reputation as a tough negotiator and a winning trial attorney. After co-founding Goldman Phipps in 1994, … read full bio


Mari is the perfect exampleof “never let them see you coming.” She is friendly and warm when you meet her. Her attitude is relaxed and. read full bio

Manuel is a litigator, a mediator, and an arbitrator.  He represents individuals and clients from all over the world.  His clients,… read full bio



We couldn’t do what we do without the diligent help of our hard-working staff. They’re committed to making sure our clients get the personal attention and timely responses they deserve.

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